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......@@ -83,6 +83,19 @@ Change the numberOfInstances, and save/quit. Operator will change the standby co
$ kubectl delete postgresql rl-demo-cluster
Now, you might not be able to delete a cluster this way if it never completed initialization. That is valid also if the cluster pods were never deemed ready. In that case, you might want to delete all objects manually.
Look for:
* postgresqls
* statefulsets
* services
* secrets
* endpoints
* pvc
All will be prefixed with the name of the postgresql, so they're relatively easy to find.
## Restore a cluster
apiVersion: ""
kind: postgresql
name: rl-demo-standby
namespace: default
teamId: "RL" #First part of name must match
size: 5Gi
numberOfInstances: 1
rldemo: []
rldemo: rldemo
version: "9.6"
archive_timeout: "300" # spilo defaults it to 30 minutes, which may be a tad too long
s3_wal_path: gs://rl-poc/spilo/rl-vm-pg96
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