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# Scripts to help move VMs into openstack
These scripts are meant to help us efficiently migrate the escenic VMs into openstack.
To use, be ready with the required information:
* The type of servers (test,snap or production) - this becomes the "postfix".
* The puppet environment
* The openstack availability zone - osl2,osl3,osl4
* The openstack network
* The size of the volume you're creating in ceph. Skip if your flavor uses internal storage.
* The key name you've registered yourself as in openstack
* The flavor of the VMs you're creating in openstack
* The openstack security groups your VMs will belong to.
**It's your responsibility to be logged into the correct openstack project and entering consistent and correct variables. This script suite has no consistency checks.**
*This script does stop the VMs in spectral cloud and nor manage downtime*
## How to use
1. Edit the variables in ** and also the list array in all the .sh files.
2. Execute the scripts in sequence.
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